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If I could give these guys 6 starts you bet your solar butt I would! I had them install solar panels on my roof. They were actually a referral from my friend's ex-wife (which normally I would ignore, but she scares me)- so I took a chance and I am glad I did! They were way more competitive on pricing than the other competition and more importantly were very clear upfront with the cost, savings, and overall process and timing. I talked to a few different companies and REA was definitely the most reliable. I actually went down to Candelaria's office in San Clemente and the guy was eating a Chipotle burrito and spilling hot sauce all over my estimate. The place smelled like cat litter and overall they were not helpful at all (almost like they didn't need my business). Also, I caught one of the guys walking out of the bathroom without washing his hands (not a big deal, but a pet peeve of mine). Bottom line, if you want a competitive price, with excellent customer service, call Renewable Energy Advantage! REA made my day!

Satisfied Customer

the guys at REA are pretty awesome. Brady and Nick explained everything with no pressure. I had my solar panels and equipment installed by Clark who was cool as f@$k! (sorry for the F bombs but it's just that I'm pretty excited about this!). saving money in the long run and setting an example for my son that we should all be a little greener. it's a win-win situation. seriously though, these guys are very professional and super easy to work with. the whole process was painless! I suggest that anyone thinking about getting solar to get in contact with REA. GO GREEN, SAVE GREEN!

Jeffrey P,
Satisfied Customer

After our meeting with Nick and Brady, I was convinced that this was the solar electric company for us. They planned the custom system to maximize the number of panels on our roof. We needed it to be esthetic and hidden from view. The planning was meticulous and professional. They did all of the engineering and pulled the required permits promptly. The installation team was efficient and they completed the project on time and on budget. The good news: 1. Our average $350 ($300-$550) SCE bill for electrical generation, transmission, and tax charges are now $0. 2. Since the system went online in June 2013, we have received a monthly credit from SCE instead of a bill. The entire project was focused on reducing/eliminating electricity charges, and it was a total success! A Very Satisfied Customer from OC!

Donald M,
Satisfied Customer

Top of the line Equipment and Service! Renewable Energy Advantage was 1 of 4 companies I had evaluate my $1200 monthly average job. All companies said it was impossible to eliminate more tan 40% of my bill with my roof space. Renewable Energy Advantage installed a modest solar system, but then did a detailed energy audit of my home and by addressing all my dated energy hogs and replacing with new efficient items with great warranties and was able to eliminate 85% of my bill. I am a huge believer in REA and amazed that all other companies said no and NIck with REA said no problem and came through on what he promised. Honest, initiative and intelligent solution. For solar select Renewable Energy Advantage, and best part they were apples to apples lowest price to boot!

Robert M,
Satisfied Customer

OUTSTANDING SOLAR SYSTEM INSTALLATION + LED LIGHTING CUSTOM SOLUTIONS Renewable Energy Advantage is the way to go when solar systems and to set-up your home for energy efficiency LED lighting with maximum rewards (ie: huge savings seen on the next month after install was complete!) We started our search for solar looking into a few such has solar city and verango solar. However, the competition felt like they were selling us on a script not a custom solution and quality product for our home. After meeting with Nick and Brady @REA we were able to complelty convert our home to maximum energy efficiency through Solar, Custom LED lighting, variable speed pool pumps and energy conservation air conditioning units.

Richelle P,
Satisfied Customer

Six months ago I installed a solar system with Brady Ryan and Renewable Energy Advantage on my house in south Redondo Beach. I wanted to takeadvantage of the state and federal tax credits and I was concerned about rising energy costs. The whole process went like a breeze. Brady and his team of professionals went beyond my expectations. His expert electrician diagnosed and corrected a chronic electrical problem in the circuits that had eluded 3 previous electricians. This was unrelated to the solar project. My previous electrical bill ranged from $450 to $500 per month. Now I am getting a credit from So. Cal Edison of around $240. In 5 years I will have recovered the entire cost of the system. Couldn't be happier-

Brian C,
Satisfied Customer

SUPERIOR SOLAR SYSTEMS You can stop your search for a solar installation provider now, Renewable Energy Advantage is the best you will find anywhere. After doing extensive research we selected REA to install our solar system. They provided us with a project manager that walked us through the project every step of the way. Almost all estimates we received were very similar however REA provided additional value in working with us to make additional changes that would lower our energy consumption as well. Excellent customer service, the highest quality products, and true craftsmanship on-site. We are now a zero energy home - you can't get any better. At a minimum include Renewable Energy Advantage on your short list if you are in the market for a partial or whole home solar system, Nick and his team are the best, you'll be glad you did!

Jeffrey M,
Satisfied Customer