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Increased Awareness of Renewable Energy Helps Solar Power Installation Companies

  • Increased Awareness of Renewable Energy Helps Solar Power Installation Companies

    There is a growing awareness of the harmful effects of fossil fuels. But through this awareness, these same people recognize the benefits of the use of these renewable energy sources. This has led to growth of solar power equipment manufacturing companies and solar power installation companies. Among the different types of renewable energy sources available, solar energy has the highest demand. Solar energy solutions are finding their place in residential properties as well as business establishments.


    Solar Panel Installation

    The use of solar power has gained popularity because it is clean, environment friendly and more efficient than other alternate energy sources. It has a very limited impact on the environment and can easily be installed in any location. These solutions are also scalable, which means their size can increase or decrease based on the amount of energy needed. They are very effective in supplying electricity on their own or in addition to the grid. The ease of use and cost savings from these solutions has led to applications in rural areas ranging from radio stations, communication systems, irrigation systems, rail/road signals, offices, shops and micro industries.


    These solar power systems do require some specialized equipment. They consist of solar panels, inverters, batteries, a power grid, a junction box and a distribution box. The solar panel consists of Photovoltaic cells (PV cells) which convert solar rays into energy by creating free electrons which are controlled to flow in a particular direction. The inverter converts the direct current into alternate currents to be used in homes for lighting and in various household appliances. Batteries store the power for extended use while the rest of the equipment helps to properly distribute the power throughout the house or business, based on the appliance/equipment that are being powered.


    Solar power equipment manufacturing and installation companies provide warranties on their equipment making the switch to solar a relatively risk free one. Using solar power leads to big savings on electricity bills, which also makes it possible to receive a credit for the energy they are producing. If you are interested in getting a free quote to add a solar energy solution to your home or business call 888-416-1415, or email info@renewableusa.com today!

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