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Harnessing solar energy by using solar panels

  • Harnessing solar energy by using solar panels

    Sun is the ultimate source of alternate energy. The way the sun creates energy makes it a non-depleting source of energy. If we can tap solar energy efficiently, it will solve many of our energy related problems. Currently, solar energy is being harnessed by using solar panels in a variety of different places.

    solar panels

    A solar panel consists of photovoltaic modules electrically that are connected and mounted on a supported structure. The photovoltaic (PV) cells convert sunlight into electricity, and that electricity produced by the solar panel can be used to run any electric appliances in the home or factory. The excess energy gets stored in a grid. The PV cells are made of special material (such as silicon) and are known as semiconductors. When the sunlight strikes the PV cells, the electrons get knocked off and the electric field moves in one direction forming the electric current.

    A solar system consists of solar panels, Inverter, batteries and solar tracker. All are connected together using wires. The inverter is used to convert the direct current into an alternate current on which the grid runs. The solar panels are usually mounted on the roof for maximum efficiency. They can also be mounted on the ground, provided the location receives sunlight for the maximum period of the day. The solar panel’s efficiency reduces to half in the cloudy weather. Hence, location of the house and the overall weather of the city play an important role in deciding whether to use a solar energy system. The size of the solar system to be used is determined by the amount of electricity consumption. The larger the consumption, larger will be the solar system.

    Solar panels come at an expensive price but the electricity savings in the long run will always compensate the cost. They are usually sold with 25 years of warranty and they function for more than specified time frame. Using a solar energy system is win-win situation.

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