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Alternative Energy Solution: Solar shingles

  • Alternative Energy Solution: Solar shingles

    Being energy efficient is simply not enough to save our world from the hazardous impact of using traditional fossil fuels. It takes centuries for materials, such as dead plants and woods, to turn into energy sources and then time and manpower to extract and turn those sources into usable fuel. Limiting the use of conventional energy to save them for later use will not solve our problems it just slightly delays them. Therefore, we must seek alternative clean and renewable energy solutions.

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    Among various alternative energy solutions, solar power is the most efficient and cleanest source. Apart from being a clean source of energy, it is the most sustainable as it depends upon the sun. Solar energy can be converted into electricity and used locally or added back to the grid. With manufacturing companies increasing their production of solar products and coming up with lighter materials for the production of solar panels, the cost of the solar installation is decreasing. The investment required at the time of installation gets compensated in the form of reduced or zero electricity bills and earning energy points from the energy companies.

    For people who do not like the look of the solar panels a new solution has been developed: solar shingles. Solar shingles are more attractive and fit almost seamlessly with existing roofing materials. A single solar shingle does not produce much electricity; the power comes from large number of shingles wired together on the roof. What is great is the solar shingles can be installed over your existing roof sheathing. This option is not cheap, however, it does not affect the beauty of the house and can potentially add up to $15,000 of value to your home. Now is the time to replace your dying energy technology with renewable solar energy solutions. For more information call 888.416.1415 or email info@renewableusa.com.

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